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Dandeline: news
  • Mon Mar 06 '23 12:41 pm New album "beautiful world" released!
    We're happy to announce that our new album "beautiful world" is out now! Listen to it (and our debut self-titled album) on all the streaming platforms over in our music section. Those in the south bay can come join in an early evening of music on May 6th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm at Discretion Brewing at 2703 41st Ave in Soquel, CA (that's Santa Cruz). Expect to hear music from the new release, plus other new tunes!
  • Mon Oct 31 '22 4:29 pm Streaming, shows and new music
    Check out our debut self-titled album, finally on all the streaming platforms over in our music section.
  • Sat Jan 10 '04 9:07 pm CD is available
    Wow, it's been ages since we updated our news section. Sorry for the delay but the last year has been filled with BABY talk. While that's by far the biggest accomplishment in one of our lives, finishing our CD is up there. It's done, pressed and released and available within a week on CD Baby. We're pleased to have recorded an all-acoustic album. We hope you like it too. Once it's available online, we'll have the link up. Hope to hear from ya'll soon.
  • Mon Jul 29 '02 8:59 pm The end is in sight

    together on-stage
    The truth is that the end is in sight. We're done recording and mixing. Now on to the hard stuff - art work and pressing the CD. We'll let you know when the whole shebang is complete - probably in September sometime. Wahoo!
  • Wed Nov 07 '01 4:20 pm A new CD!
    We'll be back in the studio in January to finish our CD and record all our new songs. We gotta whole lotta celebratin' to do before then though.
  • Thu Aug 16 '01 11:57 am New recordings available online!
    You can listen to some of our recent recordings now. You can download an

    MP3 or just listen to them in Real Audio. Hope you like 'em. (go to our music link to find 'em).

  • Mon Jul 30 '01 8:16 pm Santa Cruz's best-kept secret!
    Didn't know what a pleasant surprise it would be when I checked out Fat Fry this weekend. It's our county's version of Lollapalooza (without all the hype). Saturday's lineup included Lucinda Williams, Dave Alvin, Charlie Musslewhite, and Jim Lauderdale. Who could have imagined there would be No Traffic, No Long Lines, Free parking/shuttle and that the sound would be great and the place small enough to see the singer's eyes?! And all the while wallowing in sun and clean air and the sublime sounds of Lucinda Williams. Whoa.
  • Thu Jul 05 '01 8:23 pm Recording
    Dandeline has five songs completed. Yup, the two of us went in the studio and banged out 5 songs. Tried to keep it simple and tried to stay away from electrifying everything. We like 'em.....next five songs to be recorded are ready, followed by a full-length album one of these days. Yessirree.
  • Wed May 30 '01 08:55 am Recording!
    Dandeline is going into the studio on Saturday to begin recording their first CD (as a duo). We'll keep you posted.
  • Sat Apr 07 '01 3:39 pm welcome!

    Dan Olmsted
    Sheila Schat
    welcome to the dandeline site-- the first news is the upcoming show on may 2nd at the cellar @ johnny foley's. hope you can make it!

    as you can see, the web site is only bare bones so far, but does include a great piece of artwork from allen hatch. we'll be doing a proper job shortly.