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dandeline is Sheila Schat and Dan Olmsted performing a variety of songs with acoustic instruments and sweet vocal harmonies for your listening pleasure. Ranging from bittersweet old-timey ballads to frenetic klezmer instrumentals, you'll be pulled in by these soulful, melody-driven tunes. For more information, please email info@dandeline.com.

Promo and web site header photos by Amy Hicks.

Sheila Schat
Voice, Violin, Cello
History: Tiny, Liar, New EZ Devils,
The Violets
Dan Olmsted
Voice, Guitar
History: Evil Triplets, Solder of Fortune Cookie, Tiny, Carmaig de Forest Band, Mushroom, New EZ Devils, The Violets
Bay Guardian coverage in "8 Days A Week" (bottom of page)
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We've rescued these photos from the archives (by jon r. luini):

150x100: together on-stage (from above)

150x101: pre-show set-list making...

150x100: together on-stage

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