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Rambling Tour Notes - Tiny goes to Spain page 11/12
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Sheila's entries appear in purple and Dan's entries appear in blue.
Sound clips are from a digital camera, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Thurs/Fri October 12 and 13


La Boite, Barcelona

Performing for
Onda Rambla Radio
audio: [wav or ra]
At Radio Flaix Interview

We have been so looking forward to this gig at one of Barcelona's premier rock clubs, owned by Mas i Mas. We're loving the late sound check thing and make it to the club to find a real stage, real mics, a great stage (although just a little too close to Dan's head for total comfort) and an eager, experienced sound man. We find out later that this day, their version of Columbus Day, makes it especially hard to have a draw. But Alberto has done his work and we have two radio interviews and have garnered a lot of press in most of the local papers. It's easier to get press coverage here than in San Francisco by a long shot.

In between radio interviews Patrick, Dan, Jon and I wander the streets looking for food mainly. (Paula heads back to the apt. to get some sleep.) Patrick is intent on finding the Calvin Klein store and Dan is so hungry he's starting to get pissy (even the glorious Gaudi building, La Pedrera won't soothe hunger pangs) which is normally my role. We pass a million restaurants as none seem to suffice (the horrors of group logistics and my vegetarian demands) and as the lunch hour nearly passes us by we finally end up at some German restaurant of all places and are confronted with a 5 year old terror on one side whipping coasters at everyone and a snotty waitress, or as Patrick affectionately referred to her, "a snippy little fat ass." It has become increasingly obvious that hunger, weariness and less-than-adequate language skills are trying us all, and when in that position, tolerance is not a top priority. It's amazing what a meal will do to your mood however.... we're actually energized enough to do another decent interview. Patrick takes the reins this time and we're all grateful. He's got enough interview experience to know how to answer all the questions easily and articulately. The rest of us can barely think let alone answer a personal question intelligently.

Patrick, Dan, Sheila and Jon in front of the Gaudi building, La Pedrera.

At our evening show, we play our hearts out and the crowd responds appreciatively. Ahh, we are happy to have good amps, a real stage, and a decent sound system.

Live @ La Boite
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