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Rambling Tour Notes - Tiny goes to Spain page 6/12
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Sheila's entries appear in purple and Dan's entries appear in blue.
Sound clips are from a digital camera, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Wednesday, October 4

(Sheila) So today we are in for some real relaxation and a dose of heaven, a little more livin' the dream, not the reality, so-to-speak. Dan and I head for the beach. Yup, the industrial port of Barcelona, once a dump, is now a full-fledged beach, cleaned up for the last Olympics. There is, in fact, sand on this beach although the roadside section is lined with a concrete sidewalk filled with pedestrians and cafes that unravel the whole length of this city beach. Dan runs into the Mediterranean and announces that it's warm. A few moments later I see an Englishman do the same thing but when he returns he says the water is cold. So which is it? Warm or cold?

Sheila and the
beach in Barceloneta
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